Plexiglas in der Innenarchitektur

PLEXIGLAS® Polycarbonat Stegplatten

Plexiglas in der Innenarchitektur

PLEXIGLAS® Farben Struktur

PLEXIGLAS® Rundstab Rohr

PLEXIGLAS® Farben Fluoreszierend Struktur Wellplatte Stegplatte

PLEXIGLAS® Rundstäbe

PLEXIGLAS® Stegplatten Wellplatten

PLEXIGLAS® Fluoreszierend

PLEXIGLAS® Satiniert Satinice

The wide range of plastics and the combination of different materials offer various design options and a lot of individuality in the planning process.

We will be pleased to support you in these matters and put your creative ideas into practice!

Having our own in-house designers, interior architects, architects, graphic designers and design engineers enables us to offer our clients a full service solution: we provide master plans for any area including interior fitting, shop fitting and the construction of exhibition booths. Our team also offers PLEXIGLAS®-roofing, coverings of machines, labels, signs, led light boxes and many more things that are made out of PLEXIGLAS®, other plastics and even wood and metal.