Plexiglas in der Innenarchitektur

PLEXIGLAS® Polycarbonat Stegplatten

Plexiglas in der Innenarchitektur

PLEXIGLAS® Farben Struktur

PLEXIGLAS® Rundstab Rohr

PLEXIGLAS® Farben Fluoreszierend Struktur Wellplatte Stegplatte

PLEXIGLAS® Rundstäbe

PLEXIGLAS® Stegplatten Wellplatten

PLEXIGLAS® Fluoreszierend

PLEXIGLAS® Satiniert Satinice


Our core competence is to professionally put into practice new and creative ideas. According to drawings or individual templates our team provides customized solutions for each project while attaching great importance to professional advice and an exact and clean processing.

The usage of the latest technology and our long-term experience of over 40 years enable us to process orders in a quick and flexible way. We manufacture both in industrial series production and single-unit production. This diversification allows for a broad portfolio that ranges from an individually designed piece of furniture to different products in the lightning- and advertising industry all the way to the processing of plastics for industrial applications.

We offer our clients innovative and absolutely exact products that meet their technical specifications.

The wide range of plastics and the combination of different materials offer various design options and a lot of individuality in the planning process.

We will be pleased to support you in these matters and put your creative ideas into practice!

Adhesive technology

When gluing plastics, especially PLEXIGLAS®, we can refer to 35 years of experience. Our company glues all standard plastics such as PLEXIGLAS®, polycarbonate, polystyrene, PVC, PU or PE